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Messaggio dalla Chairperson WIZO Mondiale Sono sicura che siate a conoscenza della attuale e orribile ondata di escalation di violenza in Israele : lancio di pietre , accoltellamenti e proteste , atti di terrorismo puro . Come parte della nostra famiglia WIZO , vorrei condividere i nostri sentimenti con voi durante la situazione attuale , mentre genitori e bambini innocenti sono stati uccisi in modo indiscrimnato . Noi , come organizzazione la cui ” ragion d’essere” è il benessere delle donne e dei figli d’Israele , siamo preoccupati , in primo luogo , per il benessere dei più giovani ,dei ppiù vulnerabili come i bambini in tenera età , coloro che frequentano i WIZO Day Care Centeed i loro preoccupati genitori . Noi, in WIZO , cerchiamo di prendere tutte le possibili misure di sicurezza per mantenere i nostri figli al sicuro . Qui di seguito potete trovare le linee guida inviate dal dottor Noami Moreno , Direttore della Divisione prima età della WIZO , ai direttori di tutti i nostri Day Care Centers WIZO alla luce della attuale situazione della sicurezza I am sure that you are aware of the current and horrific wave of escalating violence in Israel: stone throwing, stabbings and protests, acts of pure terrorism. As part of our WIZO family, I would like to share our feelings with you during the current situation, while innocent parents and children have been killed randomly. We, as an organization whose “raison d’être” is the welfare of the women and children of Israel, are concerned, first and foremost, with the wellbeing of the youngest, most vulnerable early age children, those who attend WIZO Day Care Centers and their worried parents. We, in WIZO, try to take all possible security measures to keep our children safe. Below please find guidelines sent by Dr. Noami Moreno, Director of World WIZO’s Early Age Division, to the directors of all our WIZO Day Care Centers in light of the current security situation: Dear directors, Following the latest series of violent events, the ensuing security tensions and the resulting anxiety that you, as well as the parents understandably feel, I would like to refresh a number of guidelines:

  1. Day Care Center Gates – Please ensure that the gates of the Day Care Center are locked completely, (at least between the hours of 9:00-15:00). The entrance gate should be opened only after a complete identification of the visitor and locked once again following every entrance and exit. The gates in the back of the kitchen must be locked throughout the day. Of course all gates should be checked to make sure that they are undamaged and intact.

  2. Alarm Buttons – All alarm buttons should bechecked to see that they are in working order. In addition, please ensure that all your workers are aware of the location of the alarm buttons.

  3. Communication with the Municipal Security Officer – As per emergency procedures, communication should be made with the municipal security officer to ensure that the Day Care Center be updated when any local instructions are given to educational institutions in the area.

  4. Placement of Guards in the Day Care Centers – As you know, there is no requirement for placement of guards in Day Care Centers. Nonetheless, in the last couple of days there are places where the parents have made requests. If there are repeated requests of the parents, guards may be added in the Day Care Center within the framework of “Ma’on Ve’od” (Day Care Center and more), that is, with the parents’ consent and payment (for a temporary expansion of service). Please contact Dana Zeidel for advice concerning price estimates (depending on number of hours, children, location, etc.). Remember, it is only possible to hire guards in this manner.

  5. Advice to Parents – Worried parents can be referred to our WIZO “Parents Hotline” (the hotline counselors have been trained to respond in emergency situations). The Parents’ Hotline *6968, operates from Sunday to Thursday, between 10:00-13:00 and 20:00 – 22:30.

It is important to note, that following our communication with the Ministry of Economy and Home Front Command it was explained that right now there is no change in the definition of the situation and it is defined as routine. We will continue to follow and update you concerning additional notices. In addition, I am available to the Day Care Center Supervisors for additional advice on specific cases. I was just advised that at a Day Care Center in Givatayim, the parents have already organized to pay for a guard and in Tel Aviv the Municipality is paying for guards in the Day Care Centers. All WIZO schools and youth villages have guards paid by the Department of Education. In times such as these, we can see how our Early Age network and schools are organized to protect our most vulnerable. Let us join together and hope for quieter and more peaceful times. With warm regards,

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